Gas Detector

"Finds even small fugitive gas emissions quickly and easily"

The Gas Dedector is smart

For the first time, GasFind IR allows you to find VOC (volatile organic compound) gas leaks quickly and easily.
Capable of rapidly scanning large areas and miles of piping, this highly specialized infrared camera delivers real-time thermal images of gas leaks. These gas leaks appear as “black smoke” onscreen when, in fact, they are fugitive gas emissions.

Gas Detector

The Gas Detector is innovative

A truly revolutionary technology, The Gas dedector inverts the physics of fugitive VOC gas leaks. What was once invisible is now clear and present- and recordable to any off-the-shelf video recorder for easy archiving, documenting or emailing.

The Gas Detector is productive

Gas dedector is also a real-time infrared camera, scanning at 30 Hz or 30 images per second. This greatly increases productivity by allowing workers to scan miles of piping from a moving vehicle or pan wide-angle for broad views of piping systems without concern for image distortion or smear.

Detection Technology

  • Gas dedector – optical emission technology
  • Infrared video camera with hydrocarbon/VOC filter
  • Provides visible images of HC gas emissions in real-time


  • Rapid, accurate and safe detection
  • Scan hard-to-reach components from a distance
  • Assessments performed without interruption of operations
  • Inspection times are minimal, which can keep costs down
  • With exact leak source info, repairs are less time consuming and less expensive
  • Cost-effectively scan hundreds of components simultaneously

Fugitive Emissions

Losses (leaks) of HC product (methane, propane, VOC’s)

Unintentional Fugitives

  • Normal wear and tear/damage
  • Improper or incomplete assembly of components
  • Inadequate material specification
  • Manufacturing defects

Intentional Fugitives

Venting (tanks, controllers, comp. seals, stacks, etc.)


  • Increase production & reduce costs by recovering lost gas
  • APP Fugitive Emission Management BMP
  • Increase operations Health & Safety
  • Reduce GHG emissions / Carbon Credits
  • Part of CPC E/E, Gas Star Program, and BIC Initiative


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